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Honor Chapter #1 Order of the Eastern Star (OES)

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Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 54235


WMJ December 2018  

OES WI Newsletter December 2018  

HONOR CHAPTER OFFICERS OES - Grand Chapter of Wisconsin

On Saturday November 10, 2018 the members of H.S. Baird #174 along with OES Honor Chapter #1, Sturgeon Bay prepared, packaged and delivered 215 complete Turkey dinners (including the pumpkin pie) to Door and Kewaunee county shut-ins and social services.  This is the 5th year the lodge has done this meal. The meals are paid for out of the charity budget of the two organizations.  This year 4 members of Boy Scouts troop 1022 help package the meals and run the bags out to the delivery vehicles.  The majority of the deliveries are done by area residents not directly affiliated with Masonry. The event is coordinated by Br. Geoff Pinney, SD; Br Chief MikeDal Santo and Br Tom Pinney, PM

more holiday meal pictures

October 2018 - OES WI Grand Officer's Party
Joan Burr, PM, Grand Rep Nebraska; Bonnie Kohn, PM, Grand Rep Maryland;
Sue Shefchik, PM; Connie Skarvan, PM, Grand Marshal; Kathy Wulle-Dugan


Masonic Compact

Because I am a Freemason

 I believe that freedom of religion is an inalienable human right and tolerance an indispensable trait of human character.  Therefore, I will stand in my lodge with Brothers of all faiths, and respect their belief, as they respect mine, and I will demonstrate the spirit of Brotherhood in all aspects of my life.

 I know that education and the rational use of the mind are the keys to facing the problems of humanity.  Therefore, I will bring my questions and ideas to my lodge, and strive to advance the growth of my mind alongside my Brothers.

 I know that the rich tradition of Freemasonry and its framework of ritual are important platforms for growth and learning.  Therefore, I vow to stand upon these platforms to improve myself as a human being, and I vow to help in the mission of the Craft to provide tools, atmosphere, challenges and motivation to help each Brother do the same.

 I know that charity is the distinguishing human virtue, and that personal community service is the best demonstration of ones commitment to humanity.  I acknowledge that words without deeds are meaningless, and I vow to work with my Lodge to provide service to the community, and to promote charity, friendship, morality, harmony, integrity, fidelity and love.

 I know that my obligation to community extends beyond my local sphere and is partially fulfilled in my patriotism- love of my country, obedience to its laws and celebration of the freedoms and opportunities it symbolizes.

 I know that leadership is best demonstrated by commitment to serving others.  I will therefore participate in, and help work at improving individual leadership skills, while serving the Brothers of my lodge to the best of my ability.

 I know that friendship, fidelity and family are the foundations of a well-lived life.  I therefore vow to be a faithful friend to my Brothers, while expecting my lodge to respect my personal obligations, and to treat family as though my family were their own.

 I know that the last great lesson of Freemasonry the value of personal integrity and the sanctity of one's word  is a lesson for all people in all times.  I therefore vow to be a man of my word.

 I know that Freemasonry power is best exercised when its Light is shared with the world at large.  I therefore vow to bring the best of myself to my lodge, in order that my growth might be fostered and nurtured, and to present myself to the world as a working Freemason, on the path to building a more perfect temple.

Because I am a Freemason, these values and aspirations are the guideposts for my progress through life

Sturgen Bay, WI Masonic Lodge Building
Sturgeon Bay Masonic Center, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
               photo courtesy of Thomas S Pinney, Jr.


Sturgeon Bay Masonic Center, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
               photo courtesy of Thomas S Pinney, Jr.

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